To give a fuller idea and visibility of the sort of work we do at the workshops, after asking their permission, I include here a couple of messages that were posted on line and I’ve received, from past participants, after attending the workshops.

“I highly recommend this workshop where you can bring issues and feel totally supported or just attend to support others and still get so much from it.

It’s a different way of dealing with issues that allows our felt sense to inform us, without our mind and all the strategies that have tried over and over but aren’t working getting in the way. 

I have personally gained so much deep insight and understanding of issues in my own life and as a result have experienced huge shifts In my life. A huge heartfelt thanks.”

“I highly recommend Sacha’s workshops - his intuitive and gentle facilitation is incredibly healing. Whether you come to clear an issue or to be a representative.

I have been meaning to get in touch for quite some time to say thank you for the work you did with me at the last day workshop. It has had such a huge effect on me and my relationship with my mum. Your commitment, patience, gentle guidance and intuition are greatly appreciated. Really & truly, THANK YOU”