About the work

The invitation is to bring to look at, or work on, an issue, to do with ancestors. Or any issue in your life (work, relationships, emotional areas, physical, anything). Where you feel you need some movement, or clearer seeing, and deeper experiencing of yourself.

This is a place where you can attend to your heart body and soul. And movements towards strength growth and wholeness. We’ll look for the soul space, for things to move and shift in times to come. This work can often give you a meta, wider look at what’s going on, and can help you find insight and, or, the courage to act in ways you haven’t been experienced in.

And of course if you don't feel you have an issue to bring, the invitation is to come to be a representative, and in the generosity of that giving towards others as a vessel to support their issues, the universe tends mysteriously to give a gift or gifts back to you. As one of my teachers said, the biggest shifts they have ever experienced were as a representative.